Brain Click

Your Website is your official virtual home base and should reflect your brand identity, distinctively, and most importantly, attractively enough to generate sales leads. At brain Click, we have a specialized process with multiple considerations to make your online presence unique, beautiful, and brand-oriented.

Team Work

Graphic Designers are artists. Brand Experts are Marketers. While designers move on assumptions of your market segmentation, business values, marketing message; type of experience your customers will have when they work with you or buy from you and all that; it takes Brand activation and Brand Identity experts, to give the ma direction. This is why we establish teams of Designers and Brand Experts to work closely with each other on each project.

Web Design

Integrated Designs

According to a study, delay of just half a second in page load time leads to a 20% reduction in traffic and ad revenue. That’s why Google factors pages’ load time into the ranking algorithm. We at Brain Click Not only give consideration to design but also involve programmers to ensure that your design works beyond aesthetics and doesn’t compromise functionality.

Web Design


And lastly, we believe in A/B testing. Almost every element on a website can be tested making variations and alterations that work. Even slightest changes in click-through or conversions can add to something significant when each element is optimized.