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Viral Marketing: Its Meaning and Most Important Features

Viral Marketing is a marketing strategy that motivates your customers to spread your advertising message. And also providing their friends with information about your products via the Internet. Hence, your customers are marketing your products for you. It is done by sharing photos, videos, text messages, website links, marketing offers, and more. By using Social Media or by email or website. Viral marketing has been named so because of the rapid spread of it among internet users. So it is like a virus in which the infection is transmitted quickly without being able to control it. So many people are vulnerable to infection with this video, image, article, or link. Thus, it can be transmitted quickly from person to person through social networks.

Benefits of viral marketing:

1- Creating awareness of the product or service for a large number of consumers.
2- Increasing the company’s website visitors.
3- Achieving a high website ranking in the search engines
4- Geting more customers and clients.
5- Increasing the company’s sales, which is the primary goal of any marketing process
6- Low cost and speed of spread, so that people are the ones who publish it without paying them anything.

How do I make content viral?

This varies according to the type of content. For textual content we must focus on content type and content length. Where content between 1000 and 2000 words is getting more shares on social networks.

As for visual content, some general features that distinguish the most popular videos are:

  • Video length:

The ideal length for a video varies depending on the social network. For example, on YouTube and Facebook, the most popular videos have an average of 2 minutes. On Twitter, the time drops to just 30 seconds. On Instagram, the videos that get the most comments are only 26 seconds long.

  • Visual Effects:

The videos with attractive and creative design that dazzle the viewers get the most views.

  • The sound:

Sound is one of the factors that controls how wide a video is. Especially since many social networks play videos without sound. So the videos that people can watch without sound are more widespread on social networks.

  • Introduction:

42% of the most viewed videos on YouTube have an introduction, usually 3 seconds on average.

  • Interactivity:

Interacting with viewers’ comments helps increase the spread of the video, especially on the Twitter platform.

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