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Methods of Applying Reverse Marketing

Methods of Applying Reverse Marketing

We talked in a previous article about Reverse Marketing: Its Meaning and Mechanisms .
And we said that company that relies on reverse marketing should not be a newcomer to the market. Rather, they are well established and widely known. In addition, its products are distinguished from those of competitors by high quality.
In this article we will take about methods of applying principles of reverse marketing with examples.

Methods of applying principles of reverse marketing with examples

Free entertainment:

The company “Orabrush” – one of the companies that specializes in manufacturing tongue cleaning fluid – made a batch of videos. But these videos have nothing to do with the product. It was a man in a tongue-shaped costume and doing funny adventures. So these videos won the admiration of the people and were widely shared. Thus the result was that after less than a year of its introduction and spread; The product achieved huge sales of millions of dollars.

Curiosity and excitement:

Well-known pizza company Little Caesars has created an exciting game with its fans. This game is a vivid example of the reverse marketing. It was a “don’t call” advertisement warning customers not to call its number or visit its website to order pizza. So that ghosts do not inhabit their homes. But customers’ curiosity caused them to contact the company. Then the response comes that the only solution to get rid of the ghosts is to order pizza. Indeed, customers were ordering pizza, and so increased sales and profits.

Offer valuable advice to the audience:

“Get Covered Illinois” – a medical company – wanted people to enroll in the health insurance service. For this purpose, it launched an advertising campaign about the damages of life without health insurance. The campaign slogan was “you will be ok”. The videos were ads of people who had been injured. And they were able to cure thanks to the presence of health insurance. And the slogan “you will be ok” was on their tongue. So the company did not direct people to register for health insurance there. Nor did she use doctors to talk about insurance. It was based on the logo only. Despite all this, the campaign achieved great success and increased the subscription rate.

Human value:

Oakwood School – one of the private schools – wanted to run a fundraising campaign. That is why the school made an advertisement titled “Don’t give”. This ad is a group of people who frequently say a short message “Do not give”. After that, the advertisement displays the human value of the donation and the extent of its return on individuals and society. At the end of the announcement, people start changing their message to “please give”. Although the campaign did not direct people to donate directly, the volume of donations increased in record time.

Rationalization value:

The US team of Miami Hurricanes was experiencing a crowd crisis. Instead of running a traditional campaign, and distributing free tickets to fans to attend matches; The team used the reverse marketing method and created an advertisement in Grada, “Go to fewer games” in Florida. The advertisement invited fans to attend fewer matches, in order to save their time and money. They intended that the advertisement appeared in the newspaper in a prominent form and in capital letters. The topic was very interesting and people increased awareness of the club and increased its popularity.

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