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Marketing Phrases: Its Characteristics and Power

Marketing phrases are a very effective advertising strategy because they have great attractiveness to a specific brand or product. So companies spend a lot on ads all over the world to develop their marketing campaigns. And making successful marketing phrases has the power to grab consumers’ attention. Hence the strong influence on their decisions to purchase products.
Often they are short phrases with five words or fewer that are combined in a special and unique way. And it sums up what the product or brand offers.

Characteristics of successful marketing phrases

There are a set of conditions that must be met in marketing phrases to be successful, and they are:

1- The phrase should address the target group of the advertisement; Is it women, men, children, farmers, doctors, students, etc.?

2- It should be attractive, having the power of attraction.

3- The phrase must be distinctive and different from advertising phrases for other companies or products.

4- It should be easy to pronounce and understand, and short. In order to get stuck in the customer’s mind and hard to forget.

5- Successful phrases are characterized by the rhymes and rhythms of words.

6- It should not conflict with a specific concept, belief, or community culture.

The strongest marketing phrases

Phrases indicating speed and urging urgency:

This makes the customer enthusiastic to buy before it is too late. Such as:
Take the opportunity.
Limited time offer.
Discounts for a specified period.
Show will not be repeated.
Limited time discount.
right Now.
Don’t miss the chance.

Phrases that make customers feel comfortable:

It informs them of the importance of the product or service in providing psychological or physical comfort and satisfaction: such as:
The most easy.
without pain.
Without fatigue.
For more comfort.
The most secure.
Most protected.
The most special.
The best ever.
Try it out for yourself before buying.
Anti-bacterial , anti-lead , anti-burn … etc.

Marketing phrases based on spreading a sense of distinction and luxury:

Which makes the customer buy the product or service in the hope of excellence and a sense of luxury. Such as:
For those with good taste.
Only for the rich.
Only for the wealthy.
For lovers of luxury.
For lovers of distinction.
Unique product.
trade mark.
Global quality.

Also marketing phrases that create a sense of uniqueness:

The customer feels that if he buys, he will own a product that no one else owns. Or it creates a feeling of more distinction from others. This makes for him a wonderful opportunity that should not be missed. Such as:
The number is small.
a stranger.
A native.
The Secret of “Beauty – Agility – Success – Excellence … etc.”

Marketing phrases that are based on incentives and encouragement to buy:

By making your ad text contain motivational words that make the customer more eager to buy. Such as :
just awesome.
For an impressive result.
The miracle product.

Also, marketing phrases that greatly stimulate the customer’s curiosity:

Which makes him want to know more information about the advertisement. Such as :
We advertise.
We challenge.

And finally, there are phrases to convince the customer by making him reassure about his money:

So that if he does not like the product, he will not lose his money, or the comfortable payment. Such as :
After-sales guarantee.
Refund during a period of time.
Paiement when recieving.
In installments.
Payment facilities.
Buy one and get the other for free.

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