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Marketing During Covid-19

Marketing during Covid-19 assumed great importance. And attention shifted to electronic marketing as a solution and a necessity in these circumstances.

Why you need online marketing right now?

Marketing during Covid-19 is essential to reach potential customers and drive new leads and sales. And since people are stuck at home and spend most of their time on the internet, online marketing is a huge opportunity to reach those customers.
There are countless reasons as to why online marketing can help you right now as well as in the long run. SO here are the main three:

1) Online advertising is cheap right now

Many businesses that focus only on the short-term are pulling back from their marketing spending. On the other hand online ads function as auctions; if there’s less competition winning is cheaper.
This resulted in the lowest advertising costs we’ve seen in a while.

2) Let the data guide you

The current situation is dynamic and unpredictable. However, digital marketing and advertising provide unprecedented amounts of real-time data that can help you identify trends and understand customer behaviour.

3) Follow the money

If you’re strapped for cash and revenue is an issue, you need more sales. So get more sales, potential customers need to know what you’re offering.
With online ads, you can reach those customers where they spend most of the time right now – online.

Online marketing strategies to survive and thrive in COVID-19

1- Move your business online

Right now, more than ever your business needs an online presence.
Indeed There are 2 critical parts of this new paradigm shift:

• People are at home
• People are online

So, you need to bring your products online and into customers’ homes.
Products are sold and bought online more than ever. With the fear of going outside and stay-at-home orders, there’s been a shift in online shopping for essentials like food, groceries and cleaning products as well as medications.
With people getting even more used to the convenience of online shopping during the pandemic, it’s hard to imagine they’ll ever come back to physical stores in great numbers.
Moving from offline to online is something you cannot afford to miss out on. Even if you intend to continue running your physical store after the pandemic, you need an e-commerce website both to survive this period and set a foundation for the future.

2- Make use of your CRM and email list

Scrape your CRM for existing customers or leads and run email campaigns to re-engage those users.
In addition it’s a free way to leverage what you already have and reach people on a large scale.
Use your email list in the following two ways:
• Find the most valuable customers and provide special offers or just show empathy.
• Reach existing leads that haven’t bought from you yet with special offers.

3- Focus on PPC ads

Running PPC ads on Facebook and Google is essential if you want to generate sales and customers right now. Also You need ads to quickly reach potential customers, show that you’re back in business and promote your new offerings.
How else would potential customers know that they can now get your products or services online?

4- Leverage video conferencing

Service-based businesses that depend on close contact with clients now have more options to service their clients’ needs and keep their business running.
Telehealth, online video sessions and consultations, home learning are just some of the ways to leverage online video to safely provide services online during social distancing.

5- Promote items for home use

Your goal is to maximize sales as quickly as possible, which means promoting items in demand – those that could be used around the house.

6- Prioritize retargeting and Lookalikes

Retargeting ads give shoppers a reminder to come back and complete their purchase.
With people spending more time online, now you have extra opportunities to re-engage previous website visitors.
So you can get them back to your site and in the shopping mode with incentives like free shipping or special promos and discounts.

7- Promote gift cards and vouchers

Promote gift cards that can be used when your business resumes.

If you have to close temporarily, consider offering gift cards or a discount on future visits as a way for others to support you during this time.

8- Turn in-person services to home-delivered products

Businesses that can’t provide their core services can still transform a part of their service into products that can be safely delivered to people’s homes.

9- Use virtual showrooms for high-ticket items

Businesses that offer high-ticket items, complex products or provide a personalized product or service, can host consultations over video.
So you can set up virtual showrooms or provide consultations to help potential customers pick the right product, size, colour, etc.

10- Use the power of online data

Harness the power of data and let it guide your business decisions.
So look through unprecedented amounts of data available online and in your analytics to uncover new opportunities, find products and services that are in demand, modify your campaigns and budgets, and always stay ahead of the curve.

11- Automate everything you can

Digital marketing and online sales allow you to automate a bulk of your operation to cut costs and preserve precious cash in these uncertain times.
Chatbots can automatically answer customer questions, take orders and cut down sales and customer service costs.

12- Build a database

Even if you can’t pivot your business model as shown in the sections above, you can still advertise and take advantage of low CPC to reach potential customers, raise awareness and build a database (email list) of leads for the future.
Offer online quotes, strategy calls, e-books, cheat sheets, etc., as lead magnets to capture contact information on your website.

13- Utilize free tools

Many marketing and software companies are doing their part supporting the community in these uncertain times.
Most are offering free access to their tools and resources:
• Email marketing
• Keyword research for SEO and PPC
• Social media management tool
• CRM and marketing automation
• Online video and conferencing
• Business operations
• Remote work
• Marketing promotions
• Accounting software, etc.
These tools can help you manage, market and run your business more easily from home and help alleviate some of the pains of transferring your business online.

At a time of the spread of Covid-19 and the urgent need for electronic marketing, Brain Click Company provides you with its e-marketing services with years of experience. You only need to click the link and we will help in marketing during Covid-19.

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