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Landing Pages: Their Importance and Types

Landing pages are self-contained web pages created specifically for ad campaigns.
It is called a landing page because it is where a visitor “lands” after clicking on the link. We find the link in an email or in Google , Bing or Facebook ads . Also in YouTube videos, tweets on Twitter, posts from Instagram, etc.

The importance of landing pages

They are set up for a specific marketing campaign. With the aim of converting visitors into actual beneficiaries. So the information in it must be sufficient by itself to achieve a response. Without the need for other channels to communicate.
In addition, they have several goals, including:

Direct users who click on your ads:

Having a specific landing page that contains all the details will save the visitor’s time. While trying to find out how he could acquire the product or obtain the service.

Earn information:

Obtaining new customers information in order to communicate with them later.

Split the offers:

If you sell more than one product and provide multiple services; A landing page can be a great opportunity to confirm one of your offers. Example: A discount for a certain period.

User linking to payment page:

The landing page provides enough information for the customer to buy. Then it links the customer to the payment page. This type is widely used in e-commerce and application subscription services.

Types of landing pages

Landing pages are divided into two types according to the goals of marketing campaigns:

Lead Generation Landing Pages:

These landing pages collect lead data. It contains a form that collects visitor information such as names and email addresses. You can also ask for more details such as age groups, phone number or job titles.
Companies use this type in order to create a list of leads.
So that these companies sometimes give free things (gifts). Also called attraction magnet to encourage customers to fill out the form and obtain their contact information.

Click-through landing pages:

E-commerce marketers use these landing pages frequently. Also used by SOA companies or other websites that focus more on making immediate sales. Instead of collecting user information. This landing page directs your visitor to click and go directly for sales or signups.
These landing pages usually have a simple call-to-action button. To convert the visitor and encourage him to take a specific action. In addition to persuasive and useful information such as product details, user testimonials or customer reviews.

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