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How Does the Customer Make the Decision to Buy

There are basic things that we must know that influence a customer’s decision to buy, these are some of them:

People experiences about your store

Usually, the customer makes his decision to buy from you after seeing 6 to 8 positive opinions and comments about your store in succession.

It is very important to include space in your account for customer reviews and experiences. In addition to that, continuing to develop your store and satisfy your customers, in order to build a good online reputation.

Customer viewing of different and varied ads for your store

When a customer sees ads for your store from more than one different source. Such as: Instagram, Facebook, an advertisement for a social influencer, a recommendation from a friend … etc. He will be affected positively and tend to buy from you more.

Start making a marketing plan to market your store differently. And motivate the customer to buy from you. Therefore, it will be one of the first options in his mind if he needs to buy a product similar to what you offer.


Lots of people prefer the easy, simple, and understandable thing. This thing applies to the product idea or the marketing content of the product or the format of offers and advertisements for the product.

So when you are creating an advertisement, presentation, or marketing content, make sure that it is written in an easy and clear way.

The unconscious preferences on the customer’s mind

Sometimes a customer’s buying decision is based on subconscious, feelings and emotions, not reason and logic.
There is a lot of ongoing research on this topic to find out more about it.

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