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Facebook is one of the most important and pioneering social networking sites. The number of Facebook users in the January 2020 statistics (2.5) billion global users and the number is increasing. Hence the importance of Facebook marketing is a central and basic form of e-marketing.

Steps to help you with Facebook marketing:

Set your goal of marketing on Facebook

You must specify what you want to be on Facebook (getting new customers for your company, selling your products, providing customer service and answering their questions … etc.)

Have a professional Facebook page

The Facebook page represents your trademark, and every piece of information you put on your page is used by Facebook to put it in front of users interested in the same field.

Use Facebook Messenger in Marketing

Take advantage of the free texting service over the Internet. You can prepare some responses to respond to your customers, and you can also group these users in a list to send them products and offers directly on their phones.

Use Facebook groups

Any advertisement you place on the group reaches all subscribers, and you can also create your own group to communicate with your customers.

Know the audience well

You should know what kind of content your audience prefers, the times they are, their average age and gender … all of which help you choose the right content for your audience.

Provide customer service through Facebook

Customer service or after-sales service is one of the most important pillars of the art of marketing, which brings more profits. Therefore, you should communicate with your customers in all possible circumstances. And that the speed of your response to them be high.

Use Facebook ads

Facebook ads are currently the best option for online marketing via Facebook, and its cost is simple.

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