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Advertising design

Advertising design in the modern era has become a necessity of economic life. Otherwise ads is an effective factor in stimulating activities in all sectors in the field of industry, trade, agriculture or various services.

Requirements for effective advertising design

  • You should characterize advertising by ingenuity, innovation, and creativity in idea, message and image.
  • We must make the advertisement reflect the reality of the advertised item. In addition to, we make the advertisement relevant to the environment surrounding the good.
  • The advertisement must achieve its primary goal of bring attention that leads to the purchase decision.

The creative steps are

1- Ad writing: In writing the advertisement we must use medium-sized words. Also brief, catchy, and compelling content. In writing the advertisement we must also pay attention to the skill of directing. By identifying the customers to whom the ad is directed.

2- Design: It is necessary that the design be simple, innovative and distinct from others. Also it depends the overlap of colors in a literal way. So you must adopt the appropriate method of implementation (Photoshop, Illustrator ..etc).

3- Test: You can test the ad by showing it to the public, an evaluation site, or social media.

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